YWCA Economic Advancement Program (YEAP)

YWCA supports its mission of empowering women and eliminating discrimination by providing educational programs and community collaborations focused on creating positive systemic change addressing economic empowerment and wage equality. Nationally, women earn 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man. Equal pay is not simply a woman issue - it's a family issue.  This disparity results in lower incomes for both single and dual wage-earning families alike. YWCA is dedicated to raising awareness of women’s wage and economic issues for all individuals through education, advocacy and action. YWCA educates women through financial education classes, wage negotiation classes, and providing scholarships for post-secondary education.
Key Program Areas of  the  Financial Education Program:
•  YWCA Own It Financial Education Classes
•  Post-secondary Education Scholarships

Own It Financial Education Classes

Empowering women with the knowledge and skill to successfully manage finances, save, and provide for retirement, not only helps individuals and families, but improves our community as a whole.  These classes empower women through a 4-class curriculum of fiscal management education - learning how money works. Own It Financial Education classes support YWCA Maricopa County’s mission of empowering women through classroom instruction from Money Basics to Achieving Financial Security, encouraging women to take proactive steps to ensuring financial sustainability for themselves and their families.

Heatherington Scholarship
This scholarship fund was established by Harriet M. Heatherington, a member of YWCA Maricopa County, to help deserving women attain their educational goals. YWCA Maricopa County awards scholarships to women who are passionate about moving forward with their life and furthering their career by enrolling at a post-secondary school in Arizona (vocational, community college or university).